Nick Bova Garners Support and Changes for IV Specials Treatments in the UK

Nick Bova is the acting Managing Director of Bova Compounding. His efforts have brought a lot of attention to a veterinary industry on the cusp of major changes. New laws and regulations garner support from some sides and arguments from others. His efforts strive to push responsible health for animals. He has recently been directly involved with enforcing stricter policies on the health and treatment management of horses. Now, through Bova UK, Bova and his company are the first to legally manufacture sterile specials.

IV Treatment

This is the first of its kind. It has the capacity to fundamentally alter horse treatment in the United Kingdom. The effects can be felt through the veterinary industry, but time will still tell how this will form. This IV-based treatment may unleash a whole new tide of animal support and treatment.

Big Companies, Big Problems

What was the problem? The problem was the duality between big pharmaceutical companies and small needs. In short, the larger entities do not have the available resources to work in small circles that have small or non-existent profit potential. The larger pharmaceutical companies are working in bigger spaces, leaving the small markets to smaller companies with fewer resources. Worse yet, many veterinarians were clamoring for resources when they just were not available. This especially affected the equine market.

The specials market is markedly too small to garner a lot of big business support. That was the heart of the problem, and it is something Bova actively tried to push against. His support in specials has always been widely favored. Readers can discover details here about the behind-the-scenes business decisions. Visit Nick Bova’s Linkedin profile for more. His articles cover many aspects of the topic.

More Support

With the development from Bova and his company, the treatment has become much more financially viable. It may bring in a huge current of industry leaders who want to dip into a space they found financially insolvent in the past.

Ideally, pharmaceutical companies would support it. Unfortunately, money totally and universally rules the industry. With the development of licensed IV manufacturing for horses and other animals, the large pharmaceutical giants may turn back and bring their support and resources with them.